Art & Ideas: Final Exhibition

Students in the Art & Ideas elective worked to generate individual bodies of work that fulfilled the following requirements: they needed to learn a new skill, perform research, add meaning, and execute their ideas. The final products of their hard work and creativity was put into a final exhibition on Thursday, December 8th.





Mural Arts Club

Since early in the semester, students in the Mural Arts Club have been learning painting techniques and paint-mixing strategies to aid them in their creative works.

Some of the many ways they have accomplished this is through their own exploration in making color wheel mandalas and paint scrapings.


Graphic Design: The MC

It is a pleasure to announce that MC School will be producing a student-driven literary magazine. The first edition of “The MC” will be published (digitally) at the end of this fall semester, 2016.

The MC is a special collaboration project between the Graphic Design elective and the Creative Writing elective. However, all students are encouraged to participate by submitting photography, videography, dance, poems, creative writing, opinion articles and all other creative works.


Art & Ideas

Art & Ideas is a brand-new elective this year and focuses on student’s ability to find problems and then solve them using art and design. Instead of just making art, how can each student learn to think like artists?

Our first class was a problem solving activity with the following requirement:

Create a table that can hold a 20lb box of art supplies. The catch? Each student only has 30 minutes, a stack of newspapers, a small piece of cardboard and a strip of tape.