Art & Ideas: Final Exhibition

Students in the Art & Ideas elective worked to generate individual bodies of work that fulfilled the following requirements: they needed to learn a new skill, perform research, add meaning, and execute their ideas. The final products of their hard work and creativity was put into a final exhibition on Thursday, December 8th.





6B: Chalk Installation

To complete our unit on community, students collaborated to create an art installation.

Students learned about pixels, optical color mixing, and artmaking through grids. Inspired by artists such as Chuck Close, students had to choose an image representative of the community that would be viewing it. Then, students were led through the process of grid creation.

It is through this grid and collaboration that we were able to perform a temporary art installation for the school community from chalk.

How amazing it was to see the hard work of each student! Next to the piece, it is nearly impossible to see what the image contains. From above, however, we were able to cheer and high-five over our beautiful accomplishment!


6th: Community Printmaking

6th graders have been challenged to create self portraits in various formats throughout the semester. Most recently, students learned about the processes of printmaking through the creation of a styrofoam printing plate.

While we have been talking about symbolism in art for the entire semester, we discussed how the items we own say something about who we are as a person. Students were asked to think critically while shown a variety of pictures of bedrooms: based on what is in the bedrooms, what can we infer about the person who inhabits it?

With these considerations in mind, students were to choose an object from their own bedrooms to represent some aspect of their personality. This object was then reduced to a simple line sketch and translated into the printing plate.

Each student had to generate a series of 4 differently colored prints from this plate.

Finally, students had to collaborate in the creation of one large print that incorporated all of their individual objects. From the portraits of each student, we were able to generate a portrait of their entire classroom community.




4th Grade: Pokémon Go!

Congratulations to the fourth grade class in earning their first art party of the year! There were many art party options, but students voted and chose to have a special game invented that would cater to their interests. 

Challenge accepted. 

After a lot of brainstorming, Pokémon Go! (Art Edition) was born. Each student was in charge of inventing their own Pokémon, each with a type, name, and rarity. After the Pokémon was created, they could “battle” other student’s Pokémon through rock, paper, scissors tournaments. Only after a Pokémon was defeated could a student add that new Pokémon to their Pokedex. 

Students loved the game and many opted to create several different types of Pokémon. It was a great lesson incorporating art, speed drawing, creativity, math, and of course, play!