4th & 5th: Stamp Creation and Printmaking

After several exercises to better understand positive and negative space and how it can be used in a work, students designed their own 5″x 7″ stamps using scraps of foam paper which they then glued to a foam background. Students then created backgrounds they felt would best display the design of their stamps. Finally, students learned the process of printmaking and applied their stamp to their painted backgrounds.



4th & 5th: Notan Designs

Students began learning about postive and negative space by participating in the creation of their own Notan-inspired designs. Notan is a traditional art from originating from Japan where the artists cut out designs they then “flip” to the outside border. Results are always stunning!


5B: Texture Hunt!

Congratulations to the students in 5th B who have worked hard to earn their art party! This group of students voted to have an art activity outside as a reward.

At the beginning of class and in the classroom, students learned about textures and how to perform a successful texture rubbing. Then, we went outside as a class and explored the campus; we were on a texture hunt!

Students were encouraged to layer textures and colors to add visual interest to their compositions.


4th & 5th: Pixel Self Portraits

Students in the 4th and 5th grades have been learning about self portraiture. During this lesson, students generated self portraits while drawing inspiration from digital media such as Minecraft.

Students learned about pixels, digital art, and how to apply math concepts to create a work of art representing themselves on a grid.


4th Grade: Pokémon Go!

Congratulations to the fourth grade class in earning their first art party of the year! There were many art party options, but students voted and chose to have a special game invented that would cater to their interests. 

Challenge accepted. 

After a lot of brainstorming, Pokémon Go! (Art Edition) was born. Each student was in charge of inventing their own Pokémon, each with a type, name, and rarity. After the Pokémon was created, they could “battle” other student’s Pokémon through rock, paper, scissors tournaments. Only after a Pokémon was defeated could a student add that new Pokémon to their Pokedex. 

Students loved the game and many opted to create several different types of Pokémon. It was a great lesson incorporating art, speed drawing, creativity, math, and of course, play!

Community Watercolor Weavings

Students in the 4th and 5th grades were asked, “how can colors be used to say something about yourself?” In response, students created two paintings while reflecting on their color choices and how those choices can say something about who they are.

Students were then able to choose between their two paintings, keeping their favorite one to use as the base for their weaving. The other was cut into strips then shared with each other student in the class.

These weavings, while combining the artistic talents of every student, create colorful portraits of the classroom communities as a whole.