MS: Critique

Yesterday there was a pleasant surprise waiting for the middle school elective students: an art critique battle!

This past week, each student has been diligently working to understand the Elements and Principles of design while finishing their latest project. Then yesterday, the entire class was divided into two teams to test them on their knowledge.

Every student work was put up on display with a corresponding number. Then, each student was required to write a small, formal critique about one work of their choosing. For this part, students were encouraged to work in pairs at their tables so that their critiques could be as accurate and focused as possible.

Then the battle began!

Each student who shared their critique with the class earned their team 5 points. One extra point was earned for each use of an element or principle of design vocabulary word. But all students had to listen carefully: the opposing team could challenge the critique if the vocabulary wasn’t used correctly, or if there was a disagreement in opinion. If the opposing team made a good argument and supported their differing opinion with factual evidence, they could cause the critiquing team to lose points!




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